Dear John

Dear John ( Steven, Michael, George, or…), I’ve been wanting to write you for quite some time now. It seems that life goes by so quickly that we rarely afford ourselves enough time to reflect and take stock of where we’ve come from and where we are now but the time has come for me… Read More »

Polyamory Polygamy, Hippie Communes & New Age Cults by EFT Sex-pert Alina Frank

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for at least four years now. Recent Facebook posts, written by several “sex positive” groups that I belong to, finally got me riled up enough to take the time to put my thoughts to the proverbial paper. But first let me start with a story. In the late… Read More »

Just What is EFT Tapping and How Can it Help My Relationship?

Just what is EFT all about it? Whether you call it EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping, over 10 million people worldwide have already tried EFT and the numbers keep growing as it revolutionizes the way people work with their sense of well-being and effectiveness in their lives. It is a highly focused,… Read More »

Strengthening Romantic Relationships

Six Strategies to Re-Connect to Your Lover

Everybody needs meaningful connections in their lives. Yet our modern society is moving towards less primary relationships and more tertiary ones. In the home, couples are also finding less quality time with each other due to various demands on them, including children, aging parents, finances, keeping a home in order and/or social involvement. At the… Read More »

Are Bedroom Problems Always a Sign of a Stale Relationship?

Are Bedroom Problems Always a Sign of a Stale Relationship? by guest blogger Melissa Wells with editor Craig Weiner There’s no denying that sex is a big part of a relationship, and problems in the bedroom can sometimes be a sign that something isn’t quite right, but is an inability to perform always a sign of… Read More »

Gosh darn it, I don’t want a good relationship!

I don’t want a “good relationship,” as many relationship coaches would tell me to get…. I want a fantastic, outrageous, over-the-top connected soulmate-earthmate relationship. Why would I settle in my romantic partnership? I haven’t settled in the past. I didn’t get a “day” job when I got divorced as other people thought I should. I… Read More »

What To Do When Your Ex Tries To Screw You Over

The other day I worked with a client who was in a state of high anxiety because he needed to make a decision regarding his divorce. He and his wife had already decided to end the marriage. The issue was whether to have another appraisal done on their house that needed to be sold to… Read More »

When Ending a Relationship Feels Like a Kick in the Stomach

  Yesterday I worked with a client who was struggling with whether to end his relationship with his long time partner. He wanted help clarifying what aspects of their relationship problems he should take responsibility for and what pieces were truly the responsibility of his partner. The future of their relationship was in limbo and… Read More »

How To Choose The Right Relationship Coach

Will you choose to no longer be held hostage by your personal core issue and let it corrupt your relationship problem? Will your long held wounded influences of the past determine when to end it, when to end your relationship that is. Choosing the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as your modality is a first brave… Read More »